What are the Symptoms of Head Lice Infestation?

Head Lice

Head lice are tiny miniature and wingless creatures which can be spotted in the hair of one’s head. They feed on the blood of the scalp. Adult lice (louse) are almost the same size of a rice seed while the nit (lice egg) is equivalent to the size of dandruff’s flake. Lice are dark-coloured creatures while nits are light-coloured.

How are head lice formed?

There are several ways when head lice intrude into your hair:

  • Your hair/head touches the head/hair of a person, infected with lice.
  • Cross-usage of personal items for example comb, towel and etc. of the infected person.
  • Wearing fabric items of the infected person

Lice easily get transferred from the infected person’s head/hair to the other person via brushes, headbands, hats, headphones and caps. Students of nursery and preschool are at the highest risk of getting infected by head lice. It happens because children belonging to this age group don’t only play closely with one another but they also share their items which somehow gets intact with their heads.

Moreover, the people working in day care centres and kindergarten schools are also at risk of getting infected by head lice.

Symptoms of Head lice infestation

How is it possible to get familiar when getting infected with head lice? The common symptoms include:

  • Extreme itchiness on scalp
  • Feeling as to something is crawling on the scalp
  • Immense scratching to ward off itchiness causes sores on the scalp

Other than the above, you or your physician can easily spot head lice by examining the hair and scalp by a fine-toothed comb. Physicians sometimes also use a smooth comb and run through the hair from start till the end to catch nits or lice. It’s not that complicated to distinguish between a lice and a nit. Lice usually move quickly and swiftly while nits are a bit slow in moving. One thing should be kept in mind that head lice are transmittable. Let’s say if any person in your house is infected with lice, it would be transferred to all members. It won’t be bad idea to check everyone for head lice more than often.

Ways & Means to treat Head Lice

Now-a-days, there are several methods to treat head lice. Several of these treatments are required to be implemented more than once or daily. While the others, could be applied once a week or twice a week. In this manner, you will be able to kill lice and nits before they hatch and start growing.

Commonly, two kinds of chemicals are used to treat head lice. A pesticide, known as Pyrethin is extracted from a special flower, called chrysanthemum. Physicians generally recommend using Pyrethin chemical for children of 2 years of age and above.

Another chemical called Permethrin is also used to treat head lice. Besides these, Benzyl alcohol lotion and Malathion are also often prescribed by physicians for treatment of these nasty creatures. Just in case, if you are reluctant to use pesticides, just get a fine-toothed comb and run it through your hairs. In this manner, the nits and lice with stick to the comb. Repeat this simple remedy every two or three days and all the nits and lice will disappear from your head!

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