How Can You Treat Lice Eggs at Home?

lice eggLice eggs and head lice’s are contagious and they can be transferred easily from one head to another. So, if you have head lice or lice eggs then you should get rid of them as soon as possible as people do not want to sit or be with someone who has lice eggs.

You do not have to go to a doctor for them; you can easily treat lice eggs at home and can get rid of them within couple of weeks. Here are few things which you can do and can treat lice eggs at home;

Use Lice Comb

You can easily purchase a lice or a flea comb, as they are available in the market very easily. These combs are fine toothed and they remove lice’s very easily.

You can use lice or flea comb after oiling your hair, as after oiling hair becomes silky and lice’s come out easily. Or you can also do it right after shower, as lice’s are easy to remove in wet hair.

You have to repeat the procedure for couple of days and then you will see and feel the result.

Products which will Smooth Your Hair

To remove lice eggs and head lice you can also use  different products like hair shampoo, hair comb, etc which will make your hair smooth and silky. Once your hair is smooth, lice’s are extremely easy to remove.

You can use olive oil, butter, mayonnaise and petroleum jelly. You can use any of these products, as they will make your hair slippery and smooth. There are no side effects of these products, so you do not have to be afraid before using them.

Apply any one of these products on your hair and keep it for a whole night. Cover your hair with towel or with a shower cap. Then in the morning you can shower and do shampoo. Do this procedure for couple of times in a week and then you will see the results.

How Can You Prevent Yourself from Getting Lice Eggs?

There are few ways from which you can prevent yourself from getting lice eggs or head lice Nitslice. The first thing you should do is that you should stop sharing your personal things with others, if you do not share then best but if you do then you need to stop it.

You should not share your hair brush, your clips, your comb or your hats with anyone. As, these are the things which can get you lice eggs.

Also, if your child has lice eggs then you should tell them to avoid head to head conversations with their friends at school. As children normally get lice eggs from their school. School going children are more likely to have lice’s than any other person.

So, these are few steps which you can follow and can get rid of lice eggs at home. You can also prevent yourself form getting lice eggs by not sharing your personal belongings.

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