5 Main Symptoms of Head Lice?

There no age limit of having a head lice. One can have it at any time of the life, whether you are 6 or 60 you can still have head lice’s in your hair. Having head lice can make your self-esteem low as well, as it is considered to be a shame to have head lice’s.

How to Know if You Have Head Lice?

How should one get to know if they have lice’s in their hair? There are few symptoms and from that you can figure it out that you have lice’s. So, here are few of them;


One of the most common symptoms of having a head louse is having itchiness. Itchiness happens when lice bites and it causes an allergic reaction. If you are having itchiness, it does not mean that you recently got head lice’s. It means that they have been living with you for the past couple of weeks.

Lice Eggs

If you see small white type of particles on your hair, it means you have lice eggs and sooner they will become lice’s. They are easy visible and you can see them while combing your hair.

So, if you see any lice eggs on your hair then you should use anti-lice shampoo or do some treatment before they become lice’s and then they will bug you more.

Red Bumps

If you feel red bumps or sores on your head then it is also one of the symptoms that you have lice’s in your hair. Red bumps can often be found on your head but they can also be found on neck and shoulders.

Crawling Feel

You will feel that something is crawling on your head and it will also cause you irritation. So, if you are having a feeling that something is crawling on your head then you should definitely figure it out that you have lice’s in your hair.

Not Able to Sleep

When there are too many head lice’s it also disturbs you and it does not let you sleep. It disturbs you to an extent where you want to get up from your sleep and just want to go bald. Having lice’s can be very annoying and irritating as well.

So, these are few of the common symptoms which will let you know that you have head lice. Tsymptoms-head licehis head lice problem is very common and it can easily get treated. There are a lot of treatments out there for head lice and you can follow any of them and can get rid of them. You can go to the doctor for it and if you do not want to go see a doctor then you can easily d the treatment at home.
There are a lot of home remedies for head lice as well, so if you have lice. Do not worry about it and get it treated as soon as possible so that it does not bug you a lot.

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