How Spider Mites Identify to Get Rid of It

 What Spider Mites are?

Spider mites are also the part of the mite family. They live on the backside if the leaf and they are hard to get rid of, even though they are really common.

How to Know that there are Spider Mites?

You can check the spider mites by looking at the surface of the leaf. Look at the backside of the leaf they must have yellow blotches on them if they have spider mites. Sometimes you will also see small holes on a leaf, which happens when mites turn greedy and they not only remain on the backside of the leaf in fact they start eating the front side of the leaf as well.

How to Identify the Spider Mites?

Here are few ways from which you can identify if there are spider mites or no;

  • Look for the white webbing; it should be there on the plant if it has spider mites. They usually web clusters around the leaves and it is one of their signs as well. No matter what specie of spider mite it is, it will always produce through webbing.
  • Search for spider mites. They are very small and are difficult to look for but you can look at them by attaching a white sheet under the leaf and shake it slightly and all the spider mites will fall on the white sheet. Or just take a magnifying glass and look for them, they will be visible with it.
  • If the weather is dry and dusty then there are more chances of spider mites than in any other weather. They mostly come in these weathers because they are looking for moisture and they are thirsty, so they attack the plant.

So, these are few ways to identify if your plant is infected with spider mites or no. If any of these are true in your case then you should immediately get rid of them by following few of the techniques mentioned above.

How to Get Rid of Spider Mites?

Getting rid of spider mites is comparatively hard than any other mite. So, here are few ways to get rid of spider mites.

  • If you have any plants indoor then you should wash and clean them daily. You can simply clean it with plain water and can add any soap or detergent to it or you can soak a sponge and clean every leaf with it. Choose any of these ways but make sure that you clean your indoor plants as there are a lot of chances to have spider mites.
  • When you are watering your outdoor plants then you should use a hose, as it will help you to target the backside of the leaf and make sure you keep the pressure high. The high pressure will clean the spider mites.
  • One can also use the rubbing alcohol to get rid of mites. They are very effective and simple to use as well. Just pour a little rubbing alcohol on a cloth and clean the leaves with it. Make sure to clean it from the bottom of the leaf as well.
  • To get rid of spider mites you should immediately remove the damage parts of the plants. Cut off the leaves which are turning black and have holes in it. Throw the damage leaf, make sure to throw it in a sealed plastic bag so that it does not harm any other plant. If whole plant is infected that remove it from the roots, so that it does not kill other plants.
  • One should remove all the leaves that have fallen on the ground. As it can affect other plants as well. One should remove all broad-leafed weeds so that they do not get extra mites.

Homemade Herbal Tea Best for Removing Spider Mites

You will not believe but homemade herbal tea is also good for getting rid of spider mites. You can make your own miticide on your own by adding few things. You just need cinnamon, cloves and Italian seasoning. Take one tablespoon of each and mix it in a quart of water.

Boil the mixture and when it comes to boil, take it off heat. Once it has cooled down, add around 2 tablespoons of crushed garlic and then strain it. Next thing what you have to do is add a little soap to the tea and pour it into a spraying bottle. Then just spray the tea on the backside of the leaves. Spray it for at least 3 days in a week and do it for around 2 weeks. It will kill all the spider mites for sure.

Presence of Lady Bugs on a Plant is Good to Get Rid of Spider Mites: If there are lady bugs or other predator insects on the planet then it decreases the population of spider mites and they remain on the garden.  You can get lady bugs and other predator insects online or you can also attract then by using borage and herbs like these.

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