How to Remove Head Lice with Comb

Removing head lice with a comb is a popular method to get rid of head lice because it kills these parasites without any chemical. Hair is combed carefully and gently with a special comb, specifically designed to remove head lice. Dermatologists also recommend applying conditioners before combing hair to kill lice.

Use of Conditioner

Once you apply conditioner, leave it in your hair because it will help combing and lice killing more effectively. It is because of the conditioner which causes the head lice to slip out easily. Once you are done with combing, wash your hair to flush out the conditioner.

Combing is Natural and Safe

Treating lice via combing is natural and safe.People of any age group can get this treatment as no medicines and chemicals are involved. The only drawback of this treatment is that it is time-consuming. But you should keep the extent of this treatment’s effectiveness in mind that combing might not be effective as sprays and lotions, available in the market for treating head lice.

For this treatment, you only need a perfect toothed comb. Make sure, the comb which you want to use in this treatment should be fine-toothed. You can buy one for any pharmaceutical shop.

Comb Wet Hair

As far as the duration of the combing treatment is concerned, normally it takes around an hour but it also depends on the thickness of your hair. According to a study in the British Medical Journal, combing wet hair with especially designed comb is far more effective in killing lice than using permethrin and malathion based shampoos.

The only thing you need to make sure is that you are using the perfect comb for your scalp and hair. A perfect comb will be a fine-toothed metal body and the space between the teeth is enough so it doesn’t provide hiding space to these parasites.

Comb After Cleaning

You should begin with washing your hair as you usually do with a shampoo. Wash your hair to rinse out the shampoo. Put an ordinary conditioner and start combing to straighten your hair.Start combing from the root of the hair and make sure all parts of the hair are combed and no area is left out. If you see any lice on the comb, wipe it clean with a tissue and rinse the comb once.


Once you are done with combing, rinse out the conditioner. You should repeat this routine twice a week. The first combing session should remove all the adult head lice but the eggs will not be removed. Meanwhile, the subsequent combing sessions will remove the eggs and the newly-hatched lice. Once you are done with at least three combing sessions, make sure you don’t see any lice. If you don’t see, it means your hair is finally free of lice!


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