How to Prevent Ear Mites in Dogs

What Ear Mites are?

These are the kind of mites which live in dog’s ear and they feed themselves with wax and oil which is inside of the dog’s ear. It is an eight legged tiny creature and if not taken care of they can turn into a severe skin infection as well. So, if your dog have ear mites then it is better to get him treated as soon as possible before it turns out to be something worse.

What are the Causes of Ear Mites in Dogs?

The main cause of your dog getting ear mites is because of other animals out there. Ear mites are highly contagious and they can transfer easily from one animal to another. It is one of the most common things in animals and almost every other animal get these at least once on their life time.

What can Happen if You Do Not Take Ear Mites Seriously?

A lot of people do not take ear mites in their dog’s ear seriously. They let them live in the ear for long but they do not know that hoe much arm it can cause to the dog.If Ear mites do not get treated, it develops itself into a lot of other skin infections. It can cause severe head-shaking and scratching and due to this it also gets swollen and the animal suffers from pain.

If ear mites are not taken care of at early stage then it cannot be treated easily, it needs a surgery to get back to normal and that is much more painful for the animal.If the ear mites are not treated, and they get more and more due to time then it can also effect other parts of the dog’s body. The ear won’t be the only part that will be infected.

What are the Symptoms that Your Dog has Ear Mites?

There are a lot of symptoms which can give you a hint that your dog might have ear mites, here are few of them;

  • Itching is one of their main symptoms. If your dog is scratching his head or shaking it wildly then you can take a hint.
  • When you will touch your dog and you will feel dark crumbly reddish and brownish discharge, even then it means that your dog has ear mites. Those are blood spots which have been dried.
  • You might also see wounds. Wounds can happen when intense scratching takes place as the scratching can lead to cuts. Once the cut takes place, it can get worse as the germs and bacteria can enter and effect the wounds as well.
  • A strong a weird kind of odor will also come from your dog if they have ear mites. So, if your dog is being smelly even after you bath him then it means he might have ear mites.

How to Diagnose Ear Mites from Your Dog’s Ear?

The best thing to do is avoid home remedies and take your dog to the vet as soon as possible. To check for the infection, the diagnosis is carried out by the vet by checking the ear discharge. For this purpose, the vet uses the otoscope for the detection of the infection from the discharge.

Diagnosis of ear mites is easy if they just took place on your dog’s ear. You can easily take your pet to the veterinarian and give him your pet’s complete history and he will guide you some products which you can use to treat your dog.

The medicine that veterinarian will prescribe will be applied right through the skin of the dog. The cleaning of the ear requires cotton and canine ear cleaner.You might also give some anti-biotics to your dog so that the infection does not grow and it resolves as soon as possible.

As soon as the treatment will start the dog will start feeling relief as well, it may hurt him a little but that is good as the ear mites are finally getting out. Make sure that you repeat the cleaning process every day for a week or so, as they do not easily go away just from one cleaning. Clean it for couple of days so that all the germs get killed and the ear mites do not come back.

The cleaning process should be at least 7 to 10 days long, and then one should repeat the cleaning process again after 2 weeks. A lot of repetition is required in this process because we do not want ear mites to come again.

How to Prevent Your Dog from Getting Ear Mites?

You can prevent your dog from getting in pain by getting ear mites by simply buying the topical medicine for treating mites, you can easily find them in medical stores.

Just take few drops of the medicine and pour it in each ear. Then gently rub it for couple of seconds and then let it flow into the ear canal. Do it once a day and then you have to repeat the process again after every alternative days. By doing this you will be protecting your dog from ear mites.

This process will kill all the germs and bacteria’s and it will keep the ear mites really far away from the dog. Ear Mites can be found in almost every other animal. It is common in dogs, cats and you can also find them on wild animals like foxes. Also, if any one animal in the house get mites then other animals can get it as well, as it is highly contagious.

The bacteria does not damage the skin of the infected animal. However, when the infected animal bites itself due to itching caused by the bacteria, the skin becomes damaged due to the scratching by the sharp canines. This allows the bacteria to enter into the blood stream which allows it to spread quite rapidly in the animal’s body.

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