What are Mite’s Causes, Symptoms and Remedies

What Mites are?

Mites are very much similar to lice. They occur on skin areas which are dry and infected. Mites can also cause other problems, like scabies. So, it is really important to get rid of mites.

There are a lot of kinds of mites and each one of them have different treatment. So, be sure about yours and get yours treated as soon as possible.

What are the Symptoms of Mites?

There are a lot of symptoms out there, here are few symptoms from which you can guess that its mites.

  • Itching is one of its main symptom. When one feels itchy for no reason, and it usually happens at night.
  • Burrows are another symptom of mites. Human mites can cause burrows on your ski, as they lay eggs inside of your skin. Burrows are the same color of the skin and they get bumpy as well.
  • Human mites can also cause rashes. The infected area of the skin becomes red and they are noticeable as well. All these rashes and everything happens when allergic reactions happen.
  • Another and severe symptom is when your skin starts to get a thick crust on it. It means that big number of mites have infected your skin and are laying eggs under it.

If any of these symptoms are taking place in you, then you should definitely go and see a doctor and if it is mites then you should get treated as soon as possible, before it gets any worse.

 Mites on Human Eyelashes:

One can also get mites on their eyelashes. They are small but visible and one can see it with their naked eye.

It does not any such symptom, but it makes your eyelashes sticky and very itchy as well. It can also make your eyelashes fall out, so if your eyelashes are being itchy and sticky then go see a doctor as you might can have mites.

If you get mites on your eyelashes then do not panic, as 95% of the people get those. It is totally common, just het it treated before your eyelashes starts to fall out.

So, these are few methods to get rid of human mites and these are some of its symptoms as well.

How to Get Rid of Mites?

  • You can get rid of mites by keeping your house clean. Make sure that you vacuum your house, and use it mostly on carpets, furniture and these kind a things. Vacuum can suck the mites and you can get rid of them.
  • You can also use insecticide spray and make sure that you spray on the corners of the room and spray it on every other room.
  • Mites mostly bite us when we are sleeping and for that we need to make sure that our bed and pillows are clean and washed properly. Do not use the same bedsheet and pillow covers for multiple days, one should wash it after every 2 days.

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