What are Dust Mites and How to Get Rid of Them?

What Dust Mites are?

Dust mites are really tiny creatures. They are mostly found in houses and they are quarter of a millimeter long. They hide behind carpets, under beds, and cloths and stuff like these. They can cause severe allergy and one need to keep them and their surroundings clean to be away from them.

What are the Causes of Dust Mites?

As it is common and we all know that dust mites are caused because of dust. They can get anywhere where the dust is. You do not know but dust can contain a lot of germs. It also contains pet dander and dead cockroaches, and it also has dead skin and mites. So, it is better to do dusting and cleaning every now and then.

Symptoms that you Got Allergic by Dust Mites

One can easily get allergic to dust mites as they are found in common places. You can guess that you got allergic from them by looking out for these symptoms.

  • Sneezing is one of its main symptoms. If a person is sneezing out of nowhere and it is unusual then there is a chance that you got allergic reaction.
  • Runny nose is one of its other symptoms. And due to this, you can also get teary eyes and redness.
  • Itchiness is also one of its main symptoms. It itches a lot and sometimes it gets annoying and irritated as well.
  • You might also get cough, might feel heavy at chest, and you can also get shortness on breath.

So, these are few of the symptoms from which you can get that you got dust mites near you somewhere. All of these symptoms are really common, but just makes sure that whenever it happens you clean your house well and use any of the above steps to prevent yourself from dust mites.

How can you Prevent Yourself from Dust Mites?

You can easily prevent yourself from dust mites by following these easy steps;

  1. The less you expose yourself to dust is the best for you.
  2. You should clean your bedroom first, as that is the place you spend most of your time with. Huge amounts of mites can gather under our bed and under our furniture as well.
  3. To make sure that your pillows and bed is safe from mites then you can cover it with a plastic sheet and then cover it from the bed sheet.
  4. Also, use pillows which are stuffed with polyester instead of feathers and other stuff.
  5. If you have bare floors in your house then clean them multiple times in a day with a mop or some cloth.
  6. And if you have carpets in your house then vacuum it at least twice a week. Also, wash your carpets and rugs with hot water so that you stay away from dust mites.
  7. If you have curtains in your house then wash them with hot water or it is better to replace them with roll-up shades.

So, these are few of the things which you can do and keep yourself away from dust mites.

Where does Dust Mites Live on?

Dust mites do not live or suck human blood. They eat the dead skin of a person and they live on dandruff, hair and dead skin of the person and nothing else.

Now you will assume that if they do not bite human then how do we get itchiness and bumps on our skin? We get rashes and itchiness from the allergic reaction. Dust mites bite looks like a mosquito bite or a bite of a bug. They look a lot similar.

Dust Mite DO NOT Bite Human

A lot of people think that dust mites bite human but it is not true. They DO NOT bite human though they give some allergic reactions but they do not bite them. They leave some kind of blood marks with itchiness but it happens when the allergic reaction takes place.

A lot of people get surprised by hearing that they do not bite, but this is a fact and it is also true that almost 25% of allergies are due to dust mites.

How to Get Rid of Dust Mites?

There is no doubt that it is hard to get rid of dust mites, but you can get rid of them by following these few steps.

1. Keep your House Clean

Keeping your house clean is one of the most important things to do if you want to get rid of dust mites.Your dead skin falls off in your house and especially in your bedroom, so make sure that you clean that if you will not then dust mites will occur as they eat dead skin.

Mattress is probably one of the dirtiest places, so make sure that you flip your pillows and mattress every next day. Make sure that you wash your bed with hot water once every week. By doing this you will get rid of dust mites.

2. Ray Cop Anti-Allergy Bed Vacuum

It is considered to be one of the best equipment to use to get rid of dust mites.

It can kill thousands of dust mites and that too in no time.

This vacuum dies not only kill dust mites but it also sucks up different insects as well.

The best thing about this vacuum is that you can use this anywhere. You can clean your bed, your mattress, your carpet and your furniture as well. It sucks up every little dirt and insect.

3. Dust Mite Controller Device

This is another solution to the dust mite problem. It does not only keep the dust mites away but it also decreases its reproduction by producing ultrasonic sounds. It is known to be one of the best products to get rid of dust mites. It kills them, it decreases its population and it keeps you away from its symptoms as well.

4. ChemDry

It is another device which we use against the dust mites. It does not only lower the population of dust mites but it also relief people from pain who are suffering from its allergies. It is one of the best products as it keeps our house clean and keeps us healthy as well, and we have control over them too.

5. Control the Humidity

You can get rid of dust mites by controlling the humidity. Make sure that you keep it 50% or below that. You can control it with the help of air conditioner or dehumidifier.

6. Cover Yourself While Vacuuming

One of the most important things is to cover yourself while doing vacuum. Make sure that you wear mask while doing the vacuum so that you do not inhale any allergens. While you are dusting and cleaning your house, keep your mouth covered so that you do not get any allergic reactions.

So, these are few of the things which you can do to keep yourself away from the dust mites. These steps are really simple and you can easily follow them on your own.

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