4 Ways to Get Rid of Lice in Dogs

There is no doubt that dogs are adorable but when they get lice’s they start dancing around all over the house and it makes them uncomfortable and annoyed. Pet lice are different from human lice. You will not find human lice in any other animal. Animal lice’s are not fleas and they do not jump around either, people do not get lice from animals.

People with pets usually have to face these problems when their dogs get lice. There are a lot of natural ways to get rid of lice in dogs. So, here are 5 best ways to get rid of them;

Everyday Shampoo

The best and easiest way to get rid of lice in dogs is that shampoo their hair every day. Use a shampoo that contains d-Limonene, this shampoo is the best as it is nontoxic for the pet. Apply this shampoo to your dog and leave it for around 10 minutes. Wash your dog after 10 minutes and it should kill most of the dog lice.

Nit Comb

Nit combs are best to use if you want to remove lice. They are very fine-toothed and they catch a lot of lice’s in very little time. Not only the lice’s but you will also see eggs and you should take them out of your pet as well. Do not leave the eggs, it takes them around 2 to 3 weeks to hatch and then they becomes lice’s. So, it is better to take them out before they transform into eggs.

House Cleaning

Another way to get rid of your dog’s lice is to clean your house. Even though lice in dogs are not fleas and they do not fly around but it is still important to keep your house clean as they grow in dirtier places. You should clean your pet’s toys, collar, leash, bedding and their grooming kit as well. Cleaning of grooming kit is really necessary, you should either buy a new kit or you should clean the kit with vinegar.

Clean your house and vacuum the rugs and the carpets as well, after cleaning for the safe side you should spray anti-lice spray in your house as well.

Medicines and Vitamins

You can totally give vitamins to your pet, there is no harm in it. You do not need to ask vet for it, as it is not harmful for the pet in fact it is good for them. When dogs get lice, they need more energy to fight them off. They need to take extra vitamins to keep themselves healthy. Lice in dogs can cause parasites and vitamins can help you get rid of them.

So, here are 5 best and easy ways to get rid of lice in dogs. If you have a dog and it is facing lice issues then you should definitely try any one of these techniques. They will surely help you out.

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