10 Differences of Dandruff and Dry Scalp

The Difference between Dandruff and Dry Scalp

Mostly people are mixing the basic concept about dandruff and dry scalp. They think both are the same things but this is not true. We are highlighting the minor difference in this article for better understanding about them.

  1. Dandruff is mostly caused by oil than by dryness. It usually occurs when the yeast over grows, though that yeast itself is harmless. Yeast feeds itself from the dead skin and the extra oil which is on our scalp, and due to that the skin cells shed more frequently and it becomes white flakes.
  2. While on the other hand dry scalp causes when the skin is dry and not moisture enough and not because of oil. Dry scalp can also be caused from hair products like soap, shampoo and other hair products which have strong ingredients.
  3. Dry scalp can be treated and on the other hand dandruff cannot be, dandruff cannot be treated fully but it can be controlled.
  4. Both of them can be treated by home remedies and by medications as well, but home remedies are better. You can get rid of dry scalp completely but if you have dandruff then you can control it, but you cannot finish it off completely.
  5. Dandruff is not completely white, they are a bit greasy and yellowish white in color and they are smaller than dry scalp flakes. Both of them have flakes, but they are kind a different.
  6. Flakes which are caused by dandruff are noticeable and thick. They cause a lot of itchiness and that too all over the scalp. While on the other hand dry scalp flakes are not really noticeable and they are really light in texture as well.
  7. White flakes which you mostly found on your shoulders are not dandruff, weird isn’t it? We all think that it is dandruff but it is not, those are the flakes by dry scalp.
  8. If you have those flakes on your shoulders most often then it means that you have dry scalp and not dandruff, as dandruff is greasy and yellowish in color.
  9. Dandruff has its own odor and if you smell your fingers after scratching your scalp then you will realize that it has its own different kind an odor, while on the other and there is nothing like that if you have dry scalp. There is no specific odor for it.
  10. Dandruff and dry scalp, both of them have same kind of symptoms though. You will feel itchiness, irritated and dryness in both of them. So it is kind a difficult to figure out that you have dandruff or you have dry scalp.

You do not have to worry if you have any of these two things. They can be treated, with home remedied and with medicines as well. You just need to know whether you have dandruff or dry scalp, as both of them have different kind of treatments.

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